Woman sues Apple after loss of her Ripple (XRP) by iPhone app
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As cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) become more popular, more and more criminals are focusing on stealing them. They do this, among other things, through phishing scams. By tricking a victim into entering sensitive data on a website or app, they gain access to the victim’s cryptocurrencies and get out of the dust with them. Tech giant Apple is now being suedfor offering such an app from criminals in its App Store.

Hadona Diep allegedly lost her cryptocurrency after installing the “Toast Plus” app. The app seemed to be connected to the popular Toast Wallet, but that wasn’t the case. Diep entered her XRP private key and then lost her XRP. Attorney Joshua Whitaker represents Diep in the case, arguing that the App Store’s terms and conditions are not applicable in this case:

“While the App Store has terms and conditions, including limitations of liability, these terms are the product of liability because consumers have no other convenient ways to access applications for iPhones and iPads when they are not using the App Store; therefore, these conditions do not apply to this case.

Diep, who, by the way, is remarkably a“cyber security IT professional,”was convinced that Apple thoroughly checks and controls all applications, and therefore assumed that the app was secure. In the end, it lost 474 XRP worth about €400.

Apple is likely to lead an army of lawyers. Nevertheless, it is an interesting case in terms of the emerging crypto sector, where such things will be more common.

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