Bitcoin Era UK – review and test
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What is behind Bitcoin Era? What does the so-called Trading Bot promise? Is the offer legitimate and trustworthy? We have examined the trading software from the point of view of a financial expert.

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What exactly is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is a so-called trading robot, also called trading bot. This specialized software consists of various algorithms and automatically gets the most out of the investment account 24 hours a day. You can easily set your own settings on bid strategies, risk-taking or security needs during trading or purchase and sales limits in the system. The bot then does all the work and automatically offers according to the set strategy. The big advantage of this is simply that you cannot sit at the depot in a concentrated manner around the clock and monitor everything and make the right bidding decisions. The yield and return is therefore correspondingly higher.

Is Bitcoin Era legitimate?

Here you can read many opinions on the Internet. However, this applies to almost all crypto trading providers. This is probably due to the still quite new “wild” market around Bitcoin & Co, which is constantly being supplemented by further, partly volatile cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the offers are not yet centrally provided with certificates or seals of approval, which would be useful and desirable for better classification. Time will tell what is happening in the market.

Bitcoin Era sometimes wears a bit thick in marketing – but this is not uncommon in the Bitcoin market. The quick, uncomplicated path to wealth is to be propaled. But if you are not bothered by this and are generally familiar with the general risks of differential trading and cryptocurrencies, you can start with a moderate investment and get a real picture for yourself.

As a rule, real users of the software report really good chances of winning and a very good earnings with correspondingly low time usage due to the automation by the bot. The latter is likely to be one of the main criteria, because if trading bots are liked and successful, the use of trading bots is generally a scalable investment. On the one hand, the investment can be increased with one platform, on the other hand you can test other providers with small sums and distribute your investment among the different bots.

Easy to get started with Bitcoin Era in 3 steps

Starting at Bitcoin Era is very easy – in three easy steps you are ready and can make money.

Step 1


Registration is secure, uncomplicated and completely free of charge. Once your account has been released, you can continue.

Step 2

Make a deposit

After registration, make a deposit of min. 250 or more. There are no costs: this amount is traded!

Step 3


Successfully use your investment and start trading. Leave the trading algorithm to work and optimize at will.


Legitimate. Secure. Original.

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Special Features of Bitcoin Era

In general, it can be said that Bitcoin Era offers a light and user-friendly interface. This, in turn, does not mean that it is a complex software behind it. After logging in, you will arrive at a dashboard with the most important functions and data, which are clearly and easily understood.

In particular, you can decide between manual mode and auto-trading, where you leave the work to the bot and only control the results. There are also three other features that are worth a detailed look at:

bitcoin era algorithm

The algorithm

Particular emphasis should be made on the performance of the algorithm in terms of accuracy. If you are a bit familiar with financial markets, you can imagine the complexity of the related data. The centerpiece of the trading software works on forecasts to 94% akurat in the statement. An important factor when it comes to the right trade decisions.

bitcoin era technology

The technology

In addition to pure performance and reliability, speed plays a major role in financial investments. Programming is very advanced and uses the latest technologies and interfaces. The advantage over alternative trading software is on average about 10 milliseconds, which experts call the decisive time factor.

bitcoin era award


Bitcoin Era is a widely used platform among the available trading robots. Acceptance develops positively and the provider establishes itself in the niche as a provider of high-performance auto trading. Most recently, Bitcoin Era was confirmed by the UK Trading Association in first place in the trading software category.


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Bitcoin Era FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is a software for the automated trading of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The so-called trading bot is based on an algorithm and makes automated trading decisions about buying and selling at favorable times.

Is Bitcoin Era legitimate?

There are repeated reports of fraud in connection with the programme, which should be taken seriously. It is recommended to open an account exclusively through the official manufacturer in order to obtain a reputable and secure software.

How does Bitcoin Era work?

After logging in and loading the account with the trading software, the trading bot can be started with the automatic trading via a corresponding button. Cryptocurrencies are then bought and sold through the offers of different affiliated brokers in order to make a profit.

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