Americans in trouble after installing Bitcoin miners in a government building
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A man in the United States has caused a sensation in a remarkable way. He had illegally installed a number of Bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto mining machines in a government building and was subsequently caught.

IT specialist finds the software

He is 42-year-old Christopher Naples. He is an IT inspector at a local government in the state of New York. He had worked here for more than 20 years, but that seems to have come to an abrupt end. He is accused of corruption, theft and trespassing:

The reason for this is that he had installed 46 crypto mining machines at the local government headquarters without permission. In this way, he was able to mine large amounts of crypto currencies without having to pay the horrendous electricity bill. This bill would amount to up to $60,000.

He had hidden the machines in six rooms under floors and behind walls. According to the authorities, these machines had been in the property since February and have been continuously mining cryptocurrencies ever since.

An official there, Timothy Sini, commented on this particular situation as follows:

“Cryptocurrency mining requires an enormous amount of resources, and miners need to think about how to pay for these costs. Naples had found a solution, which unfortunately was carried out on the backs of the taxpayers.”
Sini also pointed out that Naples had installed so many miners in the building that the entire infrastructure was overloaded. Employees had complained for months about the slow internet, and when the miners were finally pulled out, the temperature in one of the rooms dropped drastically.

It looks as if Naples can expect quite a penalty for this. He had found a way to get out of the energy bill, but in the end it will cost him dearly.

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