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Welcome to CH GO. We are a Swiss financial portal with expertise in the field of so-called new investments. This includes in particular all return products related to cryptocurrencies such as corresponding Forex brokers or specialized technologies such as trading bots. The latter automate trading operations through algorithms and enable outsourced trading up to day trading.

The field is extended to include the entire topic DeFi, also called Decentralized Finance. This combines the classic financial products with the new possibilities of bitcoin and crypto trading through corresponding offers and service providers.

Bitcoin Trading Bots

Bitcoin Trading bots

So-called trading bots are trading software that automates the trading process. Typically, the services include a trading platform with Wallet or connect to it. In a private and secure login area, settings on bid strategy and risk appetite can then be made, so that the algorithm of the software can optimally implement the strategy through bids or purchases and sales. Learn more about automating trading via Bitcoin Trading Bots like Bitcoin Era or Bitcoin Code.

  • Bitcoin Era experience and test: The Bitcoin Era trading bot is very popular and one of the most popular crypto programmes ever. Find out what it’s all about in our detailed test report.
  • Bitcoin Code experience and test: This trading software is one of the first solutions for automated crypto trading. Find out why Bitcoin Code is so popular.
  • Immediate Edge experience and test: The Bitcoin software from Immediate Edge is also geared towards other cryptocurrencies. The programme promises strong trading automation via corresponding algorithms.
  • Bitcoin Revolution experience and test: Bitcoin Revolution is definitely a very powerful and complex software. However, it is clearly structured and is also particularly suitable for small investors.
  • Bitcoin Trader experience and test: With Bitcoin Trader, you get a trading software with a strong algorithm that can be operated even without prior knowledge. Registration is quick and free of charge.
  • Bitcoin Loophole experience and test: If you are looking for a solution where even small amounts are sufficient, Bitcoin Loophole is a good choice. The trading bot is still one of the newer programmes, but it is already very popular.
  • Bitcoin Profit experience and test: Bitcoin Profit is also one of the larger and well-known software platforms in the field of crypto bots. The programme is very simply designed and easy to use.

DeFi (Decentralized Finance)


The term DeFi establishes a link between the classic financial products we know from banking and new technologies such as blockchain and corresponding cryptocurrencies. There are many reasons for this, and now this new field of investment and return opportunities has experienced another huge growth spurt in a row since 2019. You can find out what products and possibilities DeFi offers here.

Forex Broker

Forex Broker

Forex stands for Foreign Exchange and both foreign currencies in the classical sense of the well-known FIAT currencies as well as new forms such as cryptocurrencies are included here. Forex brokers are platforms that organize and map the purchase and sale of currencies. Often so-called wallets or purses are part of the offer and sometimes available free of charge. For example, a Bitcoin wallet usually offers the possibility to securely store and trade both cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies such as US dollars or euros. Discover Forex Broker here.

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